It has been a great Prom season so far – lots of fun and funny moments.  We love planning proms for many reasons, and seeing what everyone is wearing is a big part! The gowns are out-of-this-world beautiful and the tuxedos and suits are some of the most creative I’ve ever seen! (Yes, I’m looking at you with the bright floral jacket).

Over the years I’ve seen trends come and go, but nothing can replace elegance.  Old movie star glamour, simple lines and cuts will always turn heads.  Updating classics with your own style is an excellent way to add spark (or sparkle!) and stand out among the crowd.  Blingy high-top sneakers, colorful kicks, or velvet loafers.  A tiara, feathers or even a fascinator!  Whatever says YOU, but a stepped-up version of you.

The last few years I’ve seen people use money as an accessory. In fact this past weekend someone was throwing it out into the crowd!

No matter what, you will look fantastic.  You will feel fantastic.  And your memories will be fantastic.

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